Leading Polish and foreign teachers are invited to conduct workshops and classes during the festival. Get to know teachers of this year’s edition.


Phisical theather – master class

A graduate of the State Ballet School in Poznań. In 1990-1992 she worked at the Grand Theater St. Moniuszki in Poznań. In 1992-2005 she was a dancer of the Silesian Dance Theater.She has worked with many artists, including Jacek Łumiński, Anna Sokolov, Conrad Drzewiecki, Avi Kaiser (Batsheva Dance Company), Paul Clayden (DV8), Marek Haim, David Dorfman, Stephan Brinkman (Pin Bausch Theater).. She has conducted contemporary dance workshops at many festivals in Poland and in Europe as well as India, the USA and Canada. In 2000, she held the medal of Karol Szymanowski’s 200th anniversary of Polish ballet for her outstanding contribution to the development of dance art, awarded by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. In 2004-2008 she cooperated with the W&M Physical Theater (Canada). In 2006-2008 she was a choreographer and dancer at the Theater Junction at the Grand (Calgary / Canada). Since 2009, he has been working as an independent choreographer, dancer and contemporary dance teacher, co-creating artistic projects both in Poland and abroad. Since then, she has been cooperating with the theater and opera directors of the Warsaw Opera, performing in their performances (Mariusz Treliński, Barbara Wysocka, Maja Kleczewska, Maciej Prus, Jacek Przybyłowicz and Andrzej Chyra). She created performances in her direction and choreography „Apie mus” for Aura Dance Theater (Kaunas-Lithuania) and „Siksika – Real People” Poznań. Since 2014, she has been working as a choreographer with director Wojtek Klemm. Together they made „Antigone” (Lucerne Theater), „Don’t Shoot Horses” (Horage Mccoya – Harward Univercity Cambrige), and „Saint Joanna Szlachtuzów” (Bogusławski Theater in Kalisz) and „Edypa Tyran” Sofokles (Teatr Horzyca – Toruń) . She was a dancer and assistant in the performance of Jan Komasa entitled „Xenophony”.

The style of the Anna Krysiak movement was based on many years of experience at the Silesian Dance Theater and  result of working with many directors, educators and choreographers from Europe, Canada, England and the USA. Her style is the result of her own research on the transformation and capabilities of the human body, focusing on natural impulses, the free flow of energy, working with body weight, using his momentum and suspensions which is balancing between a state of equilibrium and fall.

Iwona Olszowska

Body awareness with elements of Body Mind Centering® – creative path

Contemporary dance w. Isadora Duncan– class

Dancer, improviser, choreographer and dance teacher. She is certificated Somatic Movement Educator in Body-Mind Centering; founder and artistic director of Experimental Dance Studio EST in Kraków, Poland. She dances, performs and teaches on festivals and workshops all over Europe. She performed at Improvisation Festival at Judson Church, New York, at George Washington University and at Dartington College, England. Currently, she teaches in institutions such as Hurtownia Ruchu, Academy of Music in Cracow and Łódź, and other.

Her artistic and teaching practice draws from contemporary dance techniques and somatic movement practices. She studied extensively with Milan Kozanek, Rey Chunk, Eckhard Muller, Yaniv Mintzer, Benno Voorham, Steve Bats, Joerg Hassman, Adrian Russi, Nancy Stark Smith. She also took classes at George Mason University, University of Alabama and University of Calgary. Her artistic practice includes making choreographic works, improvisation projects, site-specific work, as well as collaborations with musicians. Recently she collaborated with musician Marcin Janus and multimedia designer Grzegorz Kaliszuk and cooperated on improvisations projects with Renata Piotrowska, Michael Schumacher, Natalia Iwaniec, Anna Haracz and Pawel Konior.

Natalia Iwaniec

GAGA, GAGA/people – creative path, class

Dancer, choreographer and certified GAGA teacher since 2012. She taught amongst other places at: Rambert (both school and company), Trinity Laban Conservatory of Music and Dance, Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, National Dance Company Wales, VERVE, Central Europe Dance Company in Budapest.
Natalia also does creative work, her latest performance is „Dido and Aeneas” choreographed and directed for Capella Cracoviensis. Currently she is working on „Alice in Wonderland” with Teatr Wilama Horzycy in Toruń. Premierre on 18th of January 2020

Victoria Kennett (Fr)

Improwizacja i kompozycja – creative path and classes

After her education at the Choreographic Center James Carlès in Toulouse, Victoria started to work with the company La Colombe Enragée, on a creation “Eveil”. During and through her education she performed cabaret in different places and companies (during 5 years) which gave her a lot of stage experience. As a freelance dance artist, she took many diverse workshops in contemporary dance though Europe. She joined the MoDem intensive program of Compania Zappala Danza, in Sicily and stayed there for the young company CZD, working on repertoire of CZD and a quartet creation “Intrecciato” by Milan Tomasik. She worked with Polish Dance Theater for the season 2018-2019, touring with repertoire pieces such as Zniwa, Wesele, No More Tears, 40; and took part in the creation of Obiecana Ziemia Obiecana directed by Katarzyna Raduszewska and choreographed by Artur Bienkowski; and also in “Sledztwo” by Mikolaj Mikolajczyk. Currently, working on a duet “Zugwang” choreographed by Artur Bienkowski (PL), a solo “Teach yourself to fly co-created by the same choreographer, and a quartet by Aviaja Dance Company (DK). The past year Victoria has been developing her teaching activity, an improvisation class based on the idea of “here and now”, building self-awareness, group awareness and spatial awareness, in a playful and articulated way, mixing many different influences from her teachers and the artists she collaborated with.

Ady Elzam (IL)

Improvisation in contact – creative path
Rest in motion – class

Ady is a dancer, choreographer and teacher. Having trained extensively in contemporary dance, improvisation, instant composition and contact improvisation, he’s curious about the body’s ability to adapt, learn, become aware, and connect with others. Ady’s current performance practice revolves around physical endurance and altered physical and emotional states of consciousness.

For many years Ady has been exploring movement dynamics in partner work. His main interest is in the communication that creates a deep understanding between partners, through a clear intention of the physical body.

Ady started dancing and performing at age 10 in the Israeli folklore dance school „The Iris of Nazareth”. He met modern and contemporary dance in 1997, and later trained at the contemporary dance academy in Haifa and continued to dance in Vertigo Dance Company and DeDe Dance Company. Over the years he worked with many different choreographers such as; Ofra Idel, Elad Shecter, Matan Levkowich, Yuval Goldshtain, Sharona Floreshaim, Dafi Altabeb, to name a few.

Nowadays Ady is living in Brussels, creating work, and teaching movement techniques and improvisation.

Aneta Zwierzyńska

Contemporary dance & Capoeira – creative path and classes

Aneta Zwierzyńska is a professional dancer, capoeira teacher and choreographer. At Anton Bruckner University in Austria she obtained a double MA, studying movement research and dance pedagogy. She has trained and worked in Poland, Austria, Brazil and the UK. Her movement research was carried out in Brazil based on the possibility to exchange experience from contemporary dance and capoeira. She was performing with various dance companies in Europe and Brazil. Some which include E33 Dance Company, Guarini Dance Company, Animal Radio, Sean Graham, Alter Dance, Theatre, Modrzejewska, Liz King, D.ID, Tanztheater Springschuh (Tanz Quartier), and Schauaacker Feat Cia, Theater Avatar, Beatrice Allegranti Dance Theatre, Alter Dance Theater oraz Pracownia Fizyczna. She teaches regular classes and workshops and promotes her unique combination of contemporary dance and capoeira. She is also the co-founder of movement platform Need Of Movement. She has been teaching all around Europe and Brazil in places like the Dance Cultural Center Athens, Theatre Avatar, Pineapple Studio, Center of Artes and Danca/ France, Thessaloniki Studio 29A, London Studio Center, Royal Dance Academy, The Place and Trip Space in London. In 2016, she was selected to be the main choreographer for the opening ceremony of the European Capital of Culture. www.anetamoves.com


Paweł Wójtowicz

Feldenkrais Method – creative path

Certified teacher of the Feldenkrais Method, which he was exploring for 10 years. He completed a 4-year teacher training course in England. He is a member of the British Feldenkrais Method Association. Since 2013, he has been conducting workshops throughout Poland and abroad. In addition, he works individually with this method with children with cerebral palsy in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Alicja Miszczor

Evening Relax, or EXHALE class

Alicja (born in 1982) is a movement actress, contemporary dance instructor, as well as improvisation in dance and movement theater. Creator of the InterArt Dance method, where she combines various fields of art. Scholarship holder of the Alternative Dance Academy in Poznań (2013). Qualified instructor of 'Improvisation of Movement and Body Symbolism’ (Institute of Dance and Movement Dynamics / Essen / r. Detlef Kappert) [course of choreotherapy]. A graduate of PPSKAK in Kalisz in the field of contemporary dance. From 2008 to 2015 a dancer at EST with I. Olszowska. From 2013 to 2015 she cooperated with the Barakah theater in Krakow (DANCE AREA). There she danced in many performances and created her own. Co-creator of the dance video. From 2018 she cooperates with the Krzyżowa foundation, among others, working with people of various types and degrees of physical and intellectual disability. Certified masseuse. Currently during the Hatha Yoga instructor course.

Paulina Srzednicka

Morning yoga class

I am a yogi, traveler, woman with passion. The magic of yoga captivated me from the first moment of climbing the mat over 10 years ago, giving me a sense of fullness and unity with myself. A healthy and strong body, serenity, peace and harmony are qualities that I have strongly shaped within me after many years of practice. As a person who is on a continuous path of development, I train under the guidance of world teachers deepening my knowledge. In Vienna, among others, in 2014 I graduated from the Teacher Treannig Course with Shaila Falk from Aerial Yoga Flow. The long time spent in Brazil as a circus artist also taught me how to work in a group, creativity, discipline and perseverance in pursuing a goal. All the years associated with teaching yoga, conducting workshops and traveling have resulted with me carrying the luggage of a lot of experience working with the body and with people. Paulina will also play at the evening concert combined with the dance jam in the Old Bakery. As a musician, Paulina writes about herself:
Paulina is a violinist who has found the power of transformation, balance and spiritual growth in music. My many years of yoga teacher experience combined with deep sensitivity to music, as a form of soul therapy, allowed me to take part in many great music projects in Europe and Brazil, at various types of yoga festivals, development workshops and spiritual ceremonies with wonderful shamans, healers and artists with the whole world.
My concerts and songs are strongly focused on integration with ourselves, allowing us to shed some tears and joy, all that we feel in order to live fully. My Songs and music flow from the bottom of my soul and my heart, out of respect for nature and for Mother Earth.


Olga Pobłocka

Contact Improvisation (beginner and semi-advanced) – class

Movement and dance have always been with her. For 16 years she has been learning and practising various forms – contemporary dance,
contact improvisation, capoeira, ethnic dances. She studied, among others at the Adama Dance and Therapy School in Israel, at the Vestjyllands Folk University in Denmark. She completed the one-year course „Anatomy in Movement” by Milan and Zuna Kozank. She co-organized the 3rd, 4th and 5th edition of the Wrocław Movement Festival Circulation and the international teacher exchange Contact Improvisation ECITE in Krzyżowa. She initiated and participated in many performative projects. She conducts classes in movement, contact improvisation and art therapy for children and adults. She is interested in combining various creative expression channels through body, voice and intuitive singing. She researches circle dances referring to native cultures. For 6 years she has lived close to nature in the village of Nowina, where she discovered anew body, movement and dance, accompanying the development of her two sons. She co-creates the local movement group „Move”, for which she runs a series of classes of contact improvisation.

Marta Grabowska

Contact Improvisation (beginner and semi-advanced) – class

For over ten years, I have been collecting experiences related to Contact Improvisation (CI) with unchanging passion, dancing, improvising, conducting workshops, cavities, projects related to CI. I finished the two-year project Akademy of New Dance and Improvisation, of which I was also a co-organizer. In 2013 I participated and co-organized ECITE – International Exchange of Teachers Improvisation in Poland. The specificity of my approach to CI as a dance technique and the work associated with its teaching is mainly based on the assumption of a continuous return to the basics, exploration based on deep body awareness and curiosity combined with the joy of discovery. I co-create the Sensus Foundation – Center for Creative Development, created from the need to infect with love of dance. I AM A WOMAN LOVING LIFE.

Agata Rutkowska

Body storytelling – class

Performer, dancer, choreographer, educator.
Her interests are focused around improvisation, performance, contemporary dance, partnering, dance theatre, physical theatre, site-specific projects, somatic techniques, contact improvisation.
Since 2016, she has been associated with performative collective SzureSure gathering independent artists
focused on site specific projects and workshops of conscious body work.
Since 2016 dancer of the group Oddaj Ciężar exploring the secrets of partnering under the guidance of Karolina Kroczak. Graduate course of the stage choreography under the artistic supervision of Iwona Olszowska in Cracow (2019) and the experimental choreography course in Warsaw under the artistic supervision of Maria Stokłosa, Renata Piotrowska-Auffret and Magdalena Ptasznik (2018).
Currently student at The Commedia School – Northern Europe’s oldest physical theatre school founded by Ole Brekke and Carlo Mazzone in 1978 in Copenhagen, Denmark, grounded in the pedagogical methods of Carlo Mazzone-Clementi, Jacques Lecoq, and Moshe Feldenkrais. Participant of many different workshops, festivals, projects, jams, laboratories and courses, exploring various movement practices to develop herself as an artist and as a human being 🙂

She had a pleasure to cooperate with many Polish and International educators and choreographers: Karolina Kroczak (contemporary, partnering, performance), Anna Piotrowska (contemporary, site specific, performance), Marta Kosieradzka (contemporary, dance theatre), Iwona Olszowska (Body Mind Centering, dance theatre, composition, dramaturgy), Marion Sparber and Alan Fuentes (Partnering – Shared Levitation),
Jacek Owczarek (movement improvisation), Igor Podsiadły (interdisciplinary theatre), Filip Wencki (contact improvisation, performance), Małgorzata Haduch (Passing Through, dance composition), Wojciech Ziemilski (Real Time Composition), Frey Faust (Axis Syllabus), Antoine Ragot (Axis Syllabus), Ann Van den Broeck (repertoire workshop), Tal Avni (clowning and improvisation), Peggy Hackney (Laban – Bartenieff), Megan Bridge (somatic composing), Roberto Olivan (instinct as source of movement), Mate Meszaros (partnering), Nina Martin (Ensemble Thinking), Andrew Was (Ensemble Thinking), Sara Shelton Mann (Moving Alchemy), Charlie Morrissey (CI), Wojciech Mochniej and Melissa Monteros (performance project), Piotr Filonowicz (physical theatre), Janusz F. Komodowski (Feldenkrais Method, physical theatre), Ole Brekke (physical theater, mime, mask, storytelling), Ruth Lerche Christensen (physical theatre, acrobatic, storytelling) and more.

Tomek Pomersbach

Contemporary dance (technique) – lekcje

Dancer, dance teacher and Ilan Lev Method practitioner. He studied dance at London Contemporary Dance School and started his professional career in 2010 at Polish Dance Theatre in Poznan, Poland. Through 3 and a half years of being a member of the company he worked with following choreographers: Andrzej Adamczak, Maciej Kuźmiński, Ohad Naharin, Jo Strømgren, Ewa oraz Paulina Wycichowska. Since 2014 he has been working as a freelance dance artist. He is a regular performer with Bern-based dance theatre group Pink Mama Theatre, run by Slawek Bendrat and Dominik Krawiecki. When he is not involved with Pink Mama Theatre productions and shows he teaches regular contemporary dance classes in Wrocław and runs his Ilan Lev Method practice.

Mateusz Czwojdziński, Adam Banach

Circus classes

Mateusz Czwojdziński – psychology graduate, classical philology and Mediterranean culture at the University of Wrocław. For over 10 years associated with the New Circus and performative environment. Juggler, acrobat, director and screenwriter. Co-organizer of the Variete Warsaw Stage, co-founder of the artistic formation Ale Circus Dance Company (“Bachantki” based on the tragedy of Euripides, “Tabakiera” based on Carmen motifs) and Octopod (“They Came Wearing Masks”). Board member of the Cirk Foundation. He actively cooperates with artists from Poland and abroad, gathering stage experience, including in the United Arab Emirates, France, Austria or Great Britain. Outside the stage, designer and designer of props, mainly fire and acrobatic.

Adam Banach (born 1993) – became infected with circus at the age of 10, joining the children’s circus group „Cudaki”, in which he performed until 2009. He has been performing as a juggler for 15 years, and as a fire show artist for 10 years. Currently, he cooperates with the Kejos Theater Collective in the performance „A City That There Was Not” as a juggler/actor. A former member of the Ej-Aj Theater and the Pod Kolumnami Theater. He graduated from the State College of Culture Animators and Librarians in pantomime specialization and law studies at the University of Wrocław. He is the author of a series of workshops „Kuglarz on the stage like a lion on the arena”, and co-creates the diploma project
„móve”, in which he explores spaces combining juggling, pantomime and physical theatre. He conducts regular circus classes for children, teenagers and adults in Wrocław. He completed the European course for circus trainers “CATE” (2019). He represents Poland in the Youth Forum of European Youth Circus Organization, is the leader of the knowledge department at the Circus Pedagogy Network foundation and a co-creator of the Polish Youth Circus Forum. He likes to lie in the sun and not have free time, although he stubbornly claims otherwise.


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