Master class

These are workshops for people who already have experience in the field in which classes are carried out. It’s a few days of work in a closed group of people, under the watchful eye of an experienced educator. The workshop usually ends with a short showing of work in the progress.

Anna Krysiak

PHYSICAL THEATHER: Favourite place

„Favorite place” – It is where we find peace, energy and balance …

We will focus on how to improve the balance of the dancer, which will lead into the more relaxed body and will help to transform energy into power and strength. We also will examine how to transform the energy into the relaxation and how this peace state of body and mind helps in changing nervous energy into power, which will give the dancer even better balance. We will consider how each of these three elements is able to positively influence the others.

The „favorite place” occurs when you find the right combination of peace, energy and balance at the moment of the movement.

This is the harmony of the body that we will deal with.

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