During the festival there are a number of classes at various levels. Participants have a choice of lessons in morning and afternoon blocks, which are led by leading Polish and foreign educators. There are also morning classes, called start-ups – open to all interested parties, not just festival participants.
Alicja Miszczor Evening Relax, or EXHALE
A lot of beautiful things are happening at the festival and it’s intense. We offer you, classes, with Alice that will help digest information, balance the work of the nervous system and will make the mind remain conscious and the body will rest;). Among others, there will be stretching, which will relax us, reduces fatigue, regulates blood pressure, improves blood circulation, reduces the risk of soreness the next day. In the class, we will work with the body (including massages in pairs). There will be a massage combined with dance improvisation. There will also be meditation, which will be (like the whole class) an opportunity to integrate stimuli accumulated throughout the day. Classes will be as a soothing EXHALE after a whole day.

Wieczorne relaksacje - Alicja Miszczor

Paulina Srzednicka / Morning yoga
It opens the body, allows the regeneration of the nervous system. It helps to get rid of stress, anxiety and tension. Regenerates strength and provides us with new energy. Thanks to regenerating asanas, we can get rid of pain or discomfort in the body that can occur during yoga practice or other physical activity. Relaxation yoga calms, gives us comfort, soothes and harmonizes us with our heart and soul.
Olga Pobłocka / Contact Improvisation
Beginner and intermediate level

Contact improvisation is for me a practice of movement, constantly asking questions, searching, discovering and asking further … It is a deep awareness of your body, awakening the whole body aware of itself. It allows the body-mind to be emptied of its layers so that it remains free, open and ready for the unknown. When explored for a long time and with devotion, CI wakes up the intuitive body and opens the imagination that diversifies the movement in the relationship with a partner. It is a pleasant practice of presence, listening, meditation in motion, which arises thanks to and in synergy with other participants. This is the infinity of possibilities offered by the meeting of two or more bodies in motion, exploration of motion in duets, trios and quartets. Challenges, fun, laughter, surprises, adrenaline, flow…

During the classes, there will be an opportunity to explore the basics of technique, as well as time to play with improvisation. We will discuss selected aspects of contact improvisation, i.e. basic work with the ground and giving up weight, point of contact and its types, leading and following a dance with a partner, safe and comfortable organization of the body in motion, taking and giving the weight in partnership, how to stay in touch with your solo and come in contact with partner, the „blessing” of the pause-stillness. We will also open and explore space WE – expand awareness to work with the whole group, exchange, inspiration from the environment. Classes for beginners and intermediate at CI.

Olga Pobłocka - Kontakt Improwizacja

Marta Grabowska / Contact Improvisation: The Endless Story

Workshops are for everyone, regardless of experience. Basing on deep awareness and work with the body, we will discover and deepen the basics of contact improvisation: contact, giving back weight, listening and following, improvising in movement, dancing, etc. Returning to the roots with naturally flowing movement in the body.

Contact improvisation is an endless path of multi-coloured possibilities, surprises. The body knows exactly … the body can … sometimes you just need to give it a chance and create the right conditions. CI practice allows you to deepen your listening skills with all your senses. This brings an extended ability to observe and respond to what comes. Meeting others in dance is a constant experience of new qualities. It requires giving up all expectations and fears, relaxing, listening and simply swimming. Experiencing, through awakening curiosity in the body, in lightness and fun – that’s the plan!

Marta Grabowska - K0ntakt Improwizacja

Agata Rutkowska / Body storytelling

Discover the fundamental nature of the theatre, telling the stories. How can you make images with the body so they can tell a story? The workshop will focus on using the participants’ individual physical abilities and developing their imagination. This style of telling stories draws on the creativity of participants, physically building images using movement, pantomime and elements of acrobatic, working individually and in groups. This will be a brief introduction to the teaching methods used at The Commedia School, the oldest physical theatre school in Northern Europe founded by Ole Brekke and Carlo Mazzone in 1978 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where Agata is currently studying..

Agata Rutkowska - Body storytelling - Lekcja

Tomek Pomersbach / Contemporary dance (technique)
Tomek’s dance practice is strongly inspired and supported by such movement and somatic practices as gaga, Ilan Lev Method (he is a certified Ilan Lev Method practitioner), Feldenkrais Method and Rosalind Crisp’s improvisation practice. He teaches movement technique by enhancing the dialogue between mind and body. He searches for freedom of movement respecting body’s limits. He likes to combine the physicality of the body with rich imagery and playfulness. He thinks it is vital to acknowledge and sense body weight in order to move with body’s full potential, efficiency and ease. It is crucial for him to explore the fine balance between reducing the muscular effort and expanding the body, so that the body’s structure is energized and open enough in order to come up with satisfying movement. He is fascinated by movement that is refreshing, rich and not too organized. He is in constant dialogue with his own body and this is why his teaching changes constantly as well.

The class consists of 3 parts:

1.Warm-up. ‘Hello’ to the body. Through open improvisation themes, working with sensing and observing the body, and assisting one another in couples we are going to reconnect to the body and strengthen overall body awareness.
2. Short movement phrases that will enable us to work on such aspects of movement as grounding, body connectivity and efficiency in travelling through space.
3. Learning a bit of choreography is a great opportunity to work on dynamics, rhythmicality and movement accuracy.

Tomek Pomersbach - Contemporary dance

Mateusz Czwojdziński i Adam Banach / Circus classes

The workshop is an attempt to explore areas common to juggling and physical theatre as well as the relationship between body, object and space. Juggling is understood here as a method of creative work with an object.
Objects are an inseparable companion of Homo Sapiens life. Widely treated as dead, they take on life through conscious work with a prop. During the creative process, they teach us about our body, the world around them and its rules. The workshops are a kind of invitation to explore physics in a creative way, where the body, object and space become equal partners.
The workshop aims to increase the awareness of these elements among the participants through choreographic exercises and work with the body and partner. They will become convenient tools thanks to which it will be possible to develop your own search within the movement, body and object.

Tomek Pomersbach- taniec współczesny

Iwona Olszowska / Fall in dance with Isadora Duncan
W czasie warsztatu będziemy podążać szlakiem prekursorki i improwizatorki tańca współczesnego. Wolność tańca w scorach opartych o idee Izadory, otwierających przestrzeń na kierunki i nurty tańca współczesnego.

Iwona Olszowska - taniec współczesny wg Isadory Duncan

Natalia Iwaniec / GAGA people
Gaga/people classes offer a framework for users to connect to their bodies and imaginations, experience physical sensations, improve their flexibility and stamina, exercise their agility and explosive power, and enjoy the pleasure of movement in a welcoming, accepting atmosphere
Gaga/people classes are open to people ages 16+, regardless of their background in dance or movement. Classes last approximately one hour.

Natalia Iwaniec - Gaga people width=

Victoria Kennett (Fr) / Improvisation and instant composition
I see movement as a sound system with so many different parameters that can play on the way of moving. Within a journey through improvisation, I like to awaken all the senses, and the full body awareness to become a very articulate body in motion. Each session has a different approach that has been inspired from my background, the people I meet and work with, my current personal research, the energy of the day and of the group… the space then becomes a place where everything is possible. Through a solo form at the beginning of the research, we will search for a particular, precise, and complex way of dancing, mixing different layers of levels, musicality, emotion, breathing, images, muscle tension… but always focusing on here and now, with playfulness. Pushing performativity with an articulated body.
In the second part of the research, after pushing curiosity and having worked on a complex solo form, we will focus on instant composition, and group thinking. How we can compose the space in different structures and with different tasks; paying attention to what the group need. We will try to see how to create a complex situation, interesting from the inside and outside. It is strongly linked with a performative aspect that we will push further. It’s all about sharp decisions, and understanding timing, without forgetting the body. What do we do, where and how.
The whole research/class is open to professional dancers, amateurs, non-dancers that are curious about movement, and movement artist or worker. Building awareness is one of my first priority; as in self-awareness, group awareness, spatial awareness and even in those 3 categories there are so many more to discover. Opening up a frame and an open space for students to experience, try, fail, retry, succeed, maybe – in a safe environment, where everything is possible.

Victoria Kennet - Improwizacja i kompozycja

Ady Elzam (Il) / Rest in motion

How do we keep our bodies stable yet available, settled yet moveable?
What is the distance between functionality and control?
And how do we invite adaptability into our moving bodies?
We are looking for a balance between rest and action.
A combination between creating movement and riding it.
An adaptable, conscious, curious body has more control, stability and ease. In order for our bodies to become available, our systems must first learn to work as a whole. We start by isolating movements of individual body parts, realising that each action and every particular movement connects to the whole body, has supporters throughout the body and is sustained by the totality of the dialogue between the parts.
Rest in Motion research focuses on finding a balance between holding/controlling/fixing and availability/relaxation/allowing. In these classes we look at the functionality of our moving body, going deeply into movement patterns and searching for easy, simple ways of moving, while keeping the body and mind open. By experiencing rest in motion as a physical state, we train our bodies to be ready, available and adaptable, so movement can easily pass through it.

video extract with Ady

Ady Elzam - Rest in Motion

Detailed information about registration

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