Master class

These are workshops for people who already have experience in the field in which classes are carried out.

It’s a few days of work in a closed group of people, under the watchful eye of an experienced educator,. The workshop usually ends with a short showing of work in the process.

Anna Krysiak

Physical theather – Favourite place
semi-advanced, advanced

Creative path

During the festival there are 5-day intensive workshops called creative paths which are process-oriented

Leading Polish teachers and guests from abroad were invited to lead those paths. This work may or may not end in a final show.

Iwona Olszowska

Body awareness with elements of Body Mind Centering®: connections in the body

Victoria Kennett

Improvisation and composition

Ady Elzam

Improvisation in contact 
semi advanced, advanded

Aneta Zwierzyńska

Contemporary dance and Capoeira

Paweł Wójtowicz

Feldenkreis Method


During the festival there are a number of classes at various levels.

Participants have a choice of lessons in morning and afternoon blocks, which are led by leading Polish and foreign educators. There are also morning classes, called start-ups – open to all interested parties, not just festival participants.

Paulina Srzednicka – Evening relaxation
Alicja Miszczor – Morning joga


Olga Gawlik – Contact improv (beginners, semi-advanced)
Marta Grabowska – Contact improv (poz. beginners, semi-advanced)
Agata Rutkowska – Body storytelling
Tomek Pomersbach– Contemporary dance (technique)
Mateusz Czwojdziński i Adam Banach – Zajęcia cyrkowe
Iwona Olszowska – Fall in dance with Isadora Duncan
Natalia Iwaniec – GAGA people
Victoria Kennet (Fr) –Improvisation and composition 
Ady Elzam (Il) – Rest in motion


As part of them, we give young, beginning artists and teachers a chance to present themselves to a wider audience and create even more space for creative search for participants.

Would you like to run your own lab during the festival?

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Accompanying Eventss

Every festival evening there are accompanying events in the form of performances, concerts and spectacle. The festival’s flagship events are evening dance jam, where participants express their spontaneity, passion and skill. Jams are often accompanied by live music, which we invite local Wrocław musicians to create.


Detailed information about registration

You need to register for any classes during the festival by e-mail to
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