CIRCULATIONS is a festival of dance, movement and body exploration as a tool through which we experience reality.

The festival, which has been taking place in Wrocław since 2010, has grown into an important national event, which with its unique character and open formula attracts both amateurs and professionals in the field of dance and related.


CIRCULATIONS are 5 days of intensive workshops and movement and dance exploration under the guidance of outstanding educators.
As part of the festival, creative paths take place, i.e. workshops in a closed group that are process-oriented. This work may or may not end in a final sharing. Leading Polish teachers and guests from abroad are invited to lead the paths.
Open lessons are open formula classes. They are shorter than creative paths, do not require a declaration of participation in specific activities throughout the festival and are intended for people of different levels.
In addition to the main paths and lessons, the festival also hosts evening laboratories and morning classes called start-ups, which are open to all interested, not just festival participants. As part of the so-called labs and start-ups, we give young beginning artists and teachers a chance to present themselves to a wider audience and create more space for creative search for participants.
Every festival evening there are accompanying events in the form of performances, concerts and spectacles. The festival’s flagship events are evening dance jam, where participants express their spontaneity, passion and skill. Jams are often accompanied by live music, which we invite local Wrocław musicians to create.

Festival has been organised since 2010by THE
MOMENTUM Creative Initiatives Association..

We invite you to act, broaden your horizons, deepen your experience, knowledge, and to research together. Here you will find the program of this year’s festival edition, and here the archive of previous editions.

Here find the program of this year edition and here the archive of the passed editions. 


Detailed information about registration

You need to register for any classes during the festival by e-mail to cyrkulacje.zapisy@gmail.com
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