Natalia Iwaniec

Certified Gaga teacher, dancer and choreographer. She was learning from Ohad Naharin, Yaseem Godder, Yossi Berg, Oded Graf, Iwona Olszowska and many others. As a independent artist she is teaching all over the world during festivals, in dance academies and open workshops. Last year she created her first solo performance BIRDLAND. This work premierre in Hungary during INTERNATIONAL DANCE WEEK BUDAPEST.

Ksenia Opria

I am a CI dancer based in Warsaw, Poland. I graduated the Dance and Somatics studies in ISLO (Itä-Suomen Liikuntaopisto), Finland. Later I was a  member of the art and community project ‘Living Arts Base’ in Catalunya. I was teaching in France, Israel, Malta, Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Poland. Now I’m studying the Ilan Lev Method. Contact Improvisation has been and continuously is an unlimited source of experiences, learning and practice for me. It inspired my further research in Authentic Movement, Feldenkrais, Trager Approach, Physical Theatre.  Recently I am fascinated by the way children are learning. Learning by doing, moving, experimenting, trying out things, starting over and playing, and not being very serious about it.

Shai Dayan

Shai Dayan is a multi instrumental improvisation artist. Composes music for dance projects and films. Studied philosophy and meditation in India for 5 years. In the last 15 years explores the connection between music and freedom, and their use as tools to unfold our true nature. Teaching improvisation and self inquiry workshops in Israel and Europe, using music, voice and movement as instruments for becoming aware of our true nature. Participated in rock, jazz, world music and street theater ensembles in New York, Australia, Austria, Germany, Spain, India, Norway, Hungary and Israel. composes music for independent film makers as well as ‘National Geographic’ and dance companies.

Marion Sparber

Marion received her professional dance training at Varium in Barcelona and Iwanson

Contemporary School in Munich. She has collaborated with companies such as Sonia Rodriguez Company, ADN-Dialect, Stella Zannou, Weedance Company, Eldon Pulak, Philipp Amann and Olga Alvarez. Her solo-work “The Ripe and Ruin” has been performed at several festivals. She co-founded the “KpiQA-Collective” and toured with the duet “Eight” through Costa Rica and Europe. Since ten years Marion has teaching experience in professional and advanced Contemporary training at e.g. Marameo, Tanzfabrik, Dock 11, Academy Dancer Russia, The University of St. Petersburg, Ballettförderzentrum Nürnberg, Kari Tanzhaus and Deltebre Dansa Festival.

As a dancer she also performs in the piece “To be” by Francisco Córdova / Physical Momentum. She is also the co-founder of CuerpOCollectivO and created the piece Nefelibata with performances in Berlin and Barcelona.

Aga Rybak

Teaches, moves and looking . Collaborates with the Grotowski Institute in the BodyConstitution research programme. Together with Jakub Gontarski, Agnieszka co-creates The String of the Body workshop. She has practiced capoeira for many years, including on an expedition in Brazil in 2008. She holds a scholarship of the Alternative Dance Academy in Poznań. Agnieszka graduated from the Academy of New Dance and Improvisation and completed a number of instructor courses in the fields of therapy, dance and movement. She hones her skills in Poland and abroad. She is a practitioner and teacher of a Hawaiian bodywork method and a practitioner of the Life Impression Bodywork method and of Thai Yoga Massage Sacred Dance of the Sunshine House School in Chiang Mai. She is a member of ECITE (European Contact Improvisation Teachers Exchange) as well as an initiator of Wrocław’s contact improvisation milieu and co-creator of the Cyrkulacje Festival and Planet Kids project.

Alan Fuentes y Guerra

Alan Fuentes-Guerra is a Mexican dancer and teacher currently living in Berlin. He has received his education at EPDM and SEAD at the post-graduate program “Bodhi Project”. He has worked internationally with choreographers like Sita Ostheimer, Etienne Gilloteau, Cecilia Lugo, Miguel Mancillas, Francisco Córdova, Marion Sparber amongst others performing in Mexico, USA, England, Austria, Germany, Spain, Italy, Hungary and Israel. His personal interest in dance is rooted in human communication and human development, as well as into mixing different movement approaches, such as capoeira, physical theater and music.

Tal Avni

Tal Avni is an interdisciplinary artist and teacher, based in Tel-Aviv.

Tal combines dance, music, clowning and various movement methods. He is a Child’Space (Feldenkries) practitioner, a “kempo-jitsu” martial arts instructor (black belt). He is also a former dancer at Liat Dror and Nir Ben-Gal Dance Company. Tal teaches contact and improvisation worldwide (Poland, Hungary, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Romania). He teaches contact regularly at “HAKVUTZA” dance school in Tel-Aviv, Israel.As a performer, Tal has participated in an eclectic selection of shows and projects: Circus Florentine (“in-between” modern clown show), The Room Theatre (“The Mutiny of the Dead“/Ako Festival), Bordel Total Cabaret show, “Tsila”/Gait Liss Dance Theatre Company, LuBaZuK progressive-rock band, The Body Garage dance studio.Tal’s never-ending search for knowledge has recently brought him to the Academy of Fools\ Nouveau Clowns Institute, led by Slava Palunin and Jango Edwards, where he completed and received a cum laude diploma of clowning.

Dorota Kamecka

I graduated in the Cultural Studies from the University of Wroclaw. I am a certified instructor of the Movement Improvisation and Body Symbolism, and a Contact Improvisation teacher. I have led regular workshops in dance and movement with a variety of groups for 12 years. I am a co-author and organizer of all editions of CIRCULATIONS – Wroclaw Festival of Movement, as well as a co-author and adept of Academy of New Dance and Improvisation in Wroclaw. I have also contributed in the organization of European Contact Improvisation Teachers Exchange – ECITE 2013. My perpetual goal is to search for new ways of self-expression through dance. That is why I have participated in workshops and classes focused on body work and dance therapy on the one hand, and concerning particular dance techniques (especially related to Contact Improvisation) on the other.

Iwona Olszowska

is a dancer, choreographer, contemporary dance teacher (specialising in body awareness, contact improvisation, and improvisation as performance), and Somatic Movement Educator of Body Mind Centering®. She has learnt her dance skills at New York’s dance studios, the George Mason University in Washington, the University of Alabama, and the University of Calgary, workshops held by the Silesian Dance Theatre in Bytom and the Centre for Culture Promotion in Zielona Góra. She has also learnt dance at dance festivals across Poland. Olszowska began her career as dancer in the 1980s at the Kontrast student dance theatre, together with Marta Pietruszka and Katarzyna Skawińska, among others. In 1989, together with Marta Pietruszka, she co-founded Experimental Dance Studio (Eskperymentalne Studio Tańca, EST). Already in the late 1980s EST held workshops on the fundamentals of the Limón Technique and Rudolf Laban movement analysis. Since 1989 Olszowska has been EST’s artistic director; the studio currently focuses on structural improvisation, lecture-performances, and site-specific projects. She is responsible for the development of the Obszar tańca w Teatrze BARAKAH (Dance Zone at the BARAKAH Theatre) series.

Barbara Gwóźdź

Freelance dancer and choreographer who has studied various dance and movement techniques in Poland. I graduated from College of Voice and Dance in Musical Theatre in Gliwice and Art and  Management in The University of Lower Silesia and studied at the Drama State Academy of L. Solski in Krakow – Faculty of Dance Theatre in Bytom. I have been Co-producer of a dance/physical theater/contact improvisation focused festival called CYRKULACJE in Wrocław since 2010 and was an Assistant Producer of the Deltebre Dansa Festival in Spain in 2012. I received Alternative Dance Academy scholarship from The Art Stations Foundation (Old Brewery New Dance program) in Poznań where I realized my first solo dance piece. I was also a student of the Open University of J. Grotowski in Wrocław and an apprentice in Theatre ZAR at the Grotowski Institute. I Worked for a few seasons in the Musical Theatre Capitol in Wrocław and collaborated with Art Colour Ballet in Cracow. In between 2013-2016 I created several pieces of choreography for drama pieces in several theatres all around Poland. My additional interests and alternative professions are practicing and teaching yoga and massages, more about it you can find here: allyourbody.blogspot.com and http://baskagwozdz.blogspot.com.es/

Jakub Gontarski

 graduated from Wrocław-based 13 Stunt School. He is a movement recreation instructor specialising in self-defense (AZS-AWF Wrocław), certified personal trainer and movement trainer (under the direction of Steve Maxwell, USA).
Jakub initiated The String of the Body and Martial Partnering workshops dedicated to exploring expression, presence, dramaturgy and creativity in martial arts within the path of Warrior-Performer. He travels to Brazil, where he documents his expeditions and takes active part in candomblé rituals. He has co-created many performance pieces, including Animan – I Am That and Madhouse, and performs movement improvisations on stage to live music. Jakub trained in martial arts – Japanese judo and Brazilian capoeira – for many years in Brazil and in many European countries. He studied with eminent movement practitioners in Poland and internationally. His inspirations are motor control, body mechanics and body adaptability processes. He collaborates with the Grotowski Institute in the BodyConstitution research programme. Jakub is a co-organiser of the Cyrkulacje Festival in Wrocław and Planet Kids project. He is also President of the Momentum Association of Creative Initiatives. He has worked for the Krzyżowa Foundation for Mutual Understanding in Europe, running workshops and creating choreographies and performances with an international group of young people. He also runs workshops with socially excluded youth in Wrocław, including as part of Thought in Motion, a project of the Institute of Music and Dance. Jakub has taught movement classes at Ente private kindergarten (European Cooperation Centre).

Anna Haracz 

Dancer, co-founder and artistic director of VARIATINO CINEMA Dance and Music Theater (1998). Independent artist. Diploma of professional dancer, granted by Polish Actors Assocciation in Warsaw. Yoga teacher by the method of Iyengar and Vinyasa Krama Yoga. She creates her own choreographies with Variatino Cinema, which are presented on TriCity off scene, also on various theatre and dance festivals in Poland and abraod. Thanks to collaboration with Olga Szwajgier – an outstanding singer, she created his own method of working with the voice and movement. Anna Haracz is a recognized teacher of contemporary dance, dance improvisation and working with voice and live music. For years, also runs her own program based on improvisation and dance therapy. She is also involved in the education for future instructors of dance therapy.