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Zuna Vesan Kozankova

Has been a dancer all her life. She considers dance as one of the potential expressions of her Taoist soul. She studied at the Dance Conservatory and at the Performing Arts Academy in Bratislava. She spent some time on study tours throughout Europe and Asia, and she worked with Slovak and foreign choreographers. She has worked a lot with Milan Kozanek, her partner, in the area of choreographic development and educational research. Zuna is popular as a teacher of dance, body movement and shiatsu. She works with professional groups and dance schools, for example SEAD (Salzburg), TIP – School for Dance, Improvisation and Performance (Freiburg) and the Northern School of Contemporary Dance (Leeds – UK).
Over the recent years Zuna has studied Chinese Medicine, in particular acupuncture and qigong. She is an ardent disciple of Taoism. 
She lives in the mountains connected with nature, building a dance centre there.
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Milan Kozanek

Graduated of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (Slovakia). Milan is independent freeland choreographer and teacher. He has many experiences as a teacher in the institutions as in SEAD – Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds(UK), Tanz Quartier Wien and Konservatorium Wien University(Austria), Grotowski Institut in Wroclaw(Poland), TIP School of Dance and Improvisation Freiburg(Germany), University of Calgary(Canada) and many others. He is co-founder of Artyci Dance Company with his partner Zuzana Kozankova. The goal of the dance company is creative as well as pedagogical activity. Their last project is to develope the Art and Educational Center Pangea in Orlic Mountains(Czech republic). Milan´s way of teaching dance is to look at dance within a holistic aproach, unifying philosophy which encompasses physical exploration, creativity, art and life.
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Ditte Berkeley
Is a performer and co-creator in Teatr ZAR theatre company and researcher at the Grotowski Institute in Wrocław. As well as being a theatre practitioner she was responsible for the cyclical VoicEncounters and was co-organizer with CPR (Wales) of the international festival “Giving Voice” in Wrocław in 2009. She collaborates with Studio Matejka and is responsible for their vocal/singing training. Co-leader of workshops: “Into the Sound” with Teatr ZAR, Awakening the Listening Body with Matej Matejka. She was brought up in Spain and studied theatre the Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama in London.


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